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Contact us

How to find us?

The laboratories of our group are located in the Prague quarter called Troja as a part of joint site of Czech Technical University and Charles University. The building is easilly accessible by either public city transportation or a car.

How to find the building


Address: V Holešovičkách 2, 180 00 Praha 8

Find us in the map: http://www.mapy.cz

GPS coordinates: 50°6‘55,34 N, 14°27‘0,25 E

Phone: +420 951 552 825

Fax: +420 951 552 844

Public city transportation: Bus 201 from the metro station Nádraží Holešovice to the bus stop Kuchyňka, then follow the red line in the map.

By car: Take the highway from the city center in the direction Teplice. Cross the bridge "Barikádníků"and then follow one of the green lines in the map. There are several parking areas denoted with green circle.

Find us in the building:

  • enter the main building (red circle in the map),
  • you can call the person you are looking for directly from the hallway, or:
  • take the stairs up to the second (last) floor,
  • take left and stop in front of glass door,
  • use the phone and contact list on the wall and call the person you are looking for.