Optical Research Group

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About us

The Optical Physics Groups works for several decades within the Department od Physical Electronics at the Faculty of Nuclear Sciences and Physical Engineering of the Czech Technical University in Prague. The group is located in Prague-Troja on the second floor of building L. The group currently consists of 6 researches, 8 PhD candidates and several undergraduate students. Our research covers wide spectrum of problems in the field of optical physics starting from classical holography, diffractive structures, synthetic holograms, through photonic micro and nanostructures, waveguide structures, photonic crystals, subwavelength structures, optical signal processing to preparing and application of nanostructures and nanoparticles. More details can be found in section Research/Research topics.

As a part of the Depratment of Physical Electronics of FNSPE CTU we are also responsible for education in master specializations Optical Physics and Physics of Nanostructures and bachelor specialization Physical Electronics. More details concerning the study programmes, particular subjects, timetable, etc. can be found in section Education.

Our history reaches back to the seventies of last century, when Prof. Pavel Fiala started to deal with holography at the Department of Physical Electronics. During more than 30 years considerable number of students has been educated and many interesting topics have been researched in the field of diffractive optics. A historic overview of students and students' projects can be found in section Education/Students' projects.

Besides the holographic labs, diffractive optics labs, and non-linear optics labs we are running also particle nanostructures lab, basic chemical and metrology labs and also specialized labs such as laser-beam lithography lab, electron-beam microscopy and lithography lab, lab for replication of diffractive structures, and others. An overview of our labs and laboratory equipment can be found in section Research/Labs.