Optical Research Group

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The Optical Physics Group runs various labs with an overall area of more than 300 m2. Besides several classical optical labs equipped with optical tables, lasers, and appropriate optical components there are labs for laser beam and electron beam lithography, chemical labs for research, development, and processing of optical recording materials, matrology labs, optical labs for students and education, etc. The complex of labs contains complete technology for fabrication of diffractive structures with high resolution from the design to final replication processes. 

Optical labs

Optická laboratoř

  • total 4 fully-equipped optical labs
  • optical recording of image holograms
  • recording of various diffractive structures in an interference setup
  • expeiments in the field of holography and diffrative optics


Laser-beam lithography lab

Laboratoř laserové litografie
  • direct recording of general microstructures with high resolution using laser beam
  • synthetic and computer generated holograms of various types
  • 2 in-house developed computer driven laser writers
  • in-house developed computer driven writer for recording image holograms from a system of spatial views


Electron-beam microscopy and lithography lab

Laboratoř elektronové mikroskopie a litografie
  • metrology of wide variety of samples using scanning electron microscopy
  • computer driven recording of microstructures with high resolution using electron beam lithography


Nanostructures lab

Optické laboratoře
  • preparation of particle nanostrucures using various techniques
  • analysis of nanostructures


Photochemic and optical recording materials labs

Chemická laboratoř
  • preparation of recording materials based on silver halide emulsions, photopolymers, etc.
  • research and development of new recording materials and materials modified for needs of our group
  • deposition of commercial and in-house developed materials on glass substrates with various dimensions
  • includes chemical labs for preparation of materials and clean room for deposition of thin layers

Processing lab

Laboratoř zpracování záznamových materiálů
  • chemical processing of all commonly used recording materials
  • equipped for processing of plates up to 30x40 cm
  • other standard equipment typical for dark rooms modified for processing of holographic materials



Lab for replication of relief microstructures

Laboratoř replikace mikrostruktur
  • technology for replication of relief diffractive structures
  • fabrication of large format microstructures using mechanical embossing processes in various substrates
  • metalization and electroforming of microreliefs


Metrology lab

Měřící laboratoř
  • testing and measurement of realized diffractive structures
  • application of various metrology techniques - optical microscopy and SPM


Vacuum deposition lab

Laboratoř vakuového napařování
  • thin layer deposition using vacuum eveaporation and magnetron sputtering
  • large substrates (700 mm vacuum chamber)
  • vacuum evaporation using ohmic electron-beam heating
  • metrology of prepared layers


Non-linear optics lab

Optické laboratoře
  • experiments in the field opf non-linear optics
  • research of photorefractive materials


Education labs

Laboratoře optického praktika
  • 4 labs for education of bachelor and master students (subjects Basic and Advanced Optical Laboratories)
  • experimental students' projects
  • fully-equipped with wide spectrum of devices and components (optical tables for holography, lasers, optomechanical and optical components, optical refractometry, spectroscpopy, microscopy, interferometry, OTDR, chemicals for processing of recording materials, etc.)