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Here you can find the details concerning the courses guaranteed by the Optical Physics Group in English. For the complete list, please, visit Czech version of pages.

Physical Optics II

M. Škereň

The lecture covers the basics of diffractive optics. It discusses the scalar theory of diffraction and thoroughly analyses approaches of Fresnel, Kirchhoff, Sommerfeld, and others. The rigorous theory of diffraction is also briefly mentioned. The second part of lecture is devoted to optical diffractive structures, thin and volume diffraction gratings, and synthetic diffractive structures. Various approaches to analysis and synthesis of the diffractive elements are discussed. The last part is devoted to optical holography, holographic techniques, recording materials, and various applications of holograms.

summer term, 2+0, exam

Nonlinear Optics

summer term, 2+2, exam

Basic Optical Laboratory


The practical laboratories give advanced practical skills by experimental work in optics and optoelectronics. Laboratory records must be elaborated.

summer term, 0+4, kz